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WAAAZZZZUUUUUPP!  Sorry, that is so 2003. 

Good chance this site will have limited visitors, so I'm not gonna kill it on production value.  I just wanted to present some old radio bits of the past and show some never before seen photos of my 'good ole days' in radio.

I know your attention span is that of my 1 year old, so little snippets of my 20 year history is probably all you can handle.


History of the DJ now known as 'jack ryan'


  I started as WIVK's radio mascot, "WIVICK the FROG" growing up as kid in Knoxville, TN, and took my 'experience' to Birmingham, AL when my family moved there in 1989 to star as "WVOK the FROG" for AM 690 WVOK, a Classic Country station at the time.  While I was in Birmingham I was given the opportunity to make some eardrums bleed with my on-air radio presence...Check out the downloads section to hear "Dr. Rock."  (I had tried other names, "Chris Johnson"and "Rockin' Ryan" but my buddies insisted that "Dr. Rock" was the coolest radio name they had ever heard...so I went with it.  I was 15 at the time, so please cut me some slack!)  WVOK had switched to 'Oldies' and the program director allowed me to go on for 1 hour a week to get some experience.  I appreciate his sacrifice to this day.  It was the worst stuff you could possibly imagine.  Hear for yourself in the downloads section.     


 After a few months of blowing up that station, Kerry Lambert allowed me to move over to the hottest Rock Station Birmingham had ever heard.  "WZRR ROCK 99."  We signed on Christmas Eve 1989.  I'll never forget being in that building when "Lite 99" which was playing classical elevator Christmas songs started blasting "All Right Now" by Free, and one of the best Disc Jockey's of our time, Tony Kurre went on to introduce the new station to an audience that I'm sure was mortified at what they had just heard!  Imagine, it's Christmas Eve.  You're in Birmingham Alabama, one of the most relegious areas in the country and your family is gathered around the Christmas tree telling the story of the Savior's birth while listening to "Lite 99," when all of a sudden there rang out a clatter and before you could adjust the dial you were witnessing the birth of what was soon to become the most listened to Rock station in America.  In the first book, we had a  10.5 share!

 These stickers were seen all over Birmingham right before Alabama played for the national championship and won.


 Anyway, Kerry Lambert allowed me to go on weekend overnights as "Rocky" (taken from my mascot days as "Rocky the Racoon") where I stayed on throughout my high school career.       


I Thought I was Howard Stern for a 'brief' period of time.  But clearly I wasn't.

  I was able to use that experience to talk Jim Kelly into hiring me on 103.5 WIMZ in Knoxville when I moved to the Volunteer City to go to college at the University of Tennessee.  Keep in mind it was still early 90's, the music was still on cd and cart and computers and voicetracking weren't rampant yet....live announcers late at night and on weekends was common. 


 While I was in school, I also worked at the college station, WUTK-90.3 and did a show with my buddy Kevin called "The K-DUB and Rockman Show."  It was brilliant radio.  A rare aircheck of that madness is also available in the downloads section.
Right after I graduated from UT, Jim Kelly hired me on to do the "Night Service."  It was my first full time radio gig.  I was on 7 to midnight and I also did an overnight show in Evansville, Indiana for the WIMZ clone there via ISDN which had just come out.
I was bumped to middays in '98 and stayed on for a year before making a move to "WYLV, Love 89." 

 I was hired on to do a local morning show and was eventually promoted to Program Director.  The "jack ryan in the morning show," was an experiment for Christian radio as we tried to go with a clean secular radio show.  We had characters, stunt interns, and controversial topics never tried before on Christian radio...Some people liked it, some didn't.  But from the ratings research we were able to gather, the show was huge!  But the donations were not.  We were in survival mode every single day as a listener supported station.  So, when an opportunity at the "Frog Station" became available, I was ready to hop on board.  


 I joined WIVK in 2001 right before the terrorist attacks.  It was an eye opener to see how dominate this station really was.  We dropped everything and went exclusive ABC news for almost 2 straight days...no country songs, no weather, no morning show, no traffic, and for some of that time, no commericals!  And the sales people didn't even say a word.  We all new there was nothing more important than keeping East Tennessee informed about what was soon to become known as "9-11." I took over the overnight spot when the legendary Terry Womack passed away after 37 years on the radio.

   Soon after I went to nights (7pm-midnight), and since then, "WIVK at NIGHT with Jack Ryan" has consistently maintained the top spot in almost every demo.  Not every single time, but close.  The show has won numerous awards including, "The Silver Microphone," "The Communicator," and a "CMA."  I've had the priviledge of picking up 5 "CMA" nominations, and was just recently nominated for my first "ACM" award.



I love radio.  I really do.  I've been around the business my entire life and was fortunate my dad allowed me to hang around the stations growing up.  He always verbally told me to do something else, but I think deep down he's kinda glad I chose the same field he did.  We could have a 3rd generation of radio guys coming into the mix too...but she's not a guy.  "Rose Ryan" has already been on WIVK numerous times and "likes the attention!"  So, you may be hearing more Rosebud on the radio down the road.


Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment if you have a chance in the contact section.

And just in case you were wondering, Go Vols.  My blood bleeds orange!

-jack ryan        


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